No more query timeouts

We operate a private copy of the Wikidata Query Service, updated in real time, to support app development and improvements to the ecosystem. This query service, with no timeout limits, is available for select projects. We also host a mirror of the Wikidata RDF dumps.

Understand and leverage Wikipedia. Fight misinformation online.

Wikipedia is consulted by millions every day. We work with nonprofits, government agencies, and other providers of reputable information to assess gaps and errors in Wikipedia and to develop a strategy for improvement. We help build the bridge between your expertise and Wikipedia’s vast, distributed volunteer community.

Outreach strategy

Our years of experience in WikiProject development and community outreach will help you get the attention of editors interested in your subject.

Task list development

We identify gaps in Wikipedia’s coverage and recommend areas for improvement. Our approach combines input from your experts with our own research into reliable sources.

Source dissemination

We work with organizations to proactively put high quality information in front of Wikipedia editors that meets their strict standards.

Direct content uploads

Wikipedia relies on user uploads for multimedia content. Support the work of Wikipedia's volunteers and put your open license or public domain content in front of millions of monthly readers.

Wikipedia training

We organize workplace trainings and webinars on best practices for participating on the world’s largest open knowledge project. We develop a curriculum particular to your organization's subject-specific needs.


See the results of your work. Track your success with Wikipedia engagement and content contributions, including with custom metrics reports as necessary.

Build your own linked knowledge base

We work with the nonprofits Internet Archive and NewsQ to track sources cited on Wikipedia and the web. To this end, we built an open Internet Domains Wikibase tracking data about domain names and their reliability as sources, bringing together data from many sources into one place and then linking it to the broader Wikidata graph. We can help you integrate with this database or with your own custom Wikibase.

Let's work together

Whether you're a stranger to the Wikipedia ecosystem or you're looking for that extra momentum to get your project off the ground, feel free to get in touch for a free consultation. We are excited to take on difficult but important problems.